Below is a brief description of the current status of people in Pakistan and a historical log of our association with the founder of the Organization for Peace and Development (Mr. Jahangir Piara) in Pakistan. 

OPD is a long-standing NGO dedicated to peace, education and social services throughout Pakistan.  This is always the type of organization which Peace of the World International partners to serve children which is our primary focus.

Much is listed in the news these days, but what you do not know, we will attempt to tell in these pages.  As conflict rages, we make it our business to tell you the toll that is exacted upon the children...the innocent ones. 

Your help is desparately needed to continue the work that has been started and work that requires our urgent attention to save lives and futures in this country. 

Current Events as Reported by Piara

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Building Peace for the World's Children
Peace of the World International
We need support of victims of conflicts in Pakistan. More than 1.5 million people are displaced and they are looking for support to survive. They need water, medications, blankets, tents, food, and other things like plates and eating utensels.  [Displaced] children [and orphans] are in desparate need of education (especially Christian children) for this is the only way to develop -- through education.  Without education, we can't bring any change in all the aspects of life.  I have contact with all religions and sects because we are working for interfaith harmony. 

Brief History of Efforts to Establish POWI in Pakistan

Our first contact with Mr. Piara was 16 February 2006 with the following correspondence:

Dear friends in Peace,
Greetings of love, peace and joy from Pakistan.
Please find the enclosed attachment of registration form of Inspire Peace Conference.
I would request you also for the financial assistance for return air ticket to Pakistan and accommodation. Please do me a favor to be with you at the international event for peace. God bless you and hope to get a positive resopnse from you.
Jahangir Piara
Executive Director
Organization for Peace and Development
Lahore 54600-Pakistan

Much sharing has transpired since that initial correspondence.  Mr. Piara and the OPD staff have worked diligently through much disaster, tormoil, killing, and great civil unrest.  During these times, it is only the best that can make it through and continue to strive to help others as the need for assistance mounts.  We commend Mr. Piara and OPD for its work and are grateful for the association. 

Your financial support and assistance is greatly needed for us to meet emergency care needs and firmly establish POWI projects and programs in Pakistan in collaboration with OPD.

Click here for a description of some of the collaborative efforts to establish POWI programs in Pakistan.

Your help is urgently needed.  Click the button below and join us in the work of saving lives.