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Peace of the World International:  Creating and maintaining an international network of individuals, organizations, and corporations who focus and work on projects, programs, and on themselves to make peace the center of our lives and the state of our communities.
Secret:  Peace is like velvet:  it feels good!
Peace of the World International
Aaron Whitaker is one of three (3) Signs of Peace members on the Board of Directors for Peace of the World International.  We are very happy to present to you this statement from her written just before the beginning of 2010:

a word of encouragement.......

As young people in these current days, we face tons or road blocks that sometimes seem impossible for us to overcome.  We should continue to strive and reach for our end result which may include being successful and rich, but should most importantly include creating change for our communities and those to come after us.  We have generations depending on us and it is up to us to continue to break down the barriers forced upon us being that many of us come from the stereotypical, economically, and educationally disadvantaged minority homes. 

Don't get discouraged because the path was never meant to be easy.  It was meant to test your character, integrity, beliefs, and endurance.  Hold your head high and know that your journey ends somewhere that will have made a difference and a change in our communities and futures.  Trust God.

Ms. Aaron Whitaker, B.S.
2009 Graduate of Northern Michigan University

Major re-organization of Peace of the World International is taking place over the next two months.  We are dividing up into three regions:  1) Peace of the World West Africa under the leadership of Preston S. Jackson and the POW Board in Liberia; 2) Peace of the World East and Southern Africa under the leadership of Mrs. Alice Kirambi and the POWI Re-organization Committee in Kenya and 3) Peace of the World International under the direction of our founder Dr. Sophia A. Crocheron & the Intl' Board of Directors.  Click on the region you wish information about to be taken to that page.  We look forward to your comments and suggestions during this period.
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